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Company Profile

        Zhejiang Huaxin Technology Development Co.,Ltd.founded in 1995, consists of scientific research, manufacturing, trading and transportation. 

         "DN-90" series of high-intensity fast-drying starch" adhesive of Gong'sand other products, as its main products, were included in the National Spark Plan, the new high-tech projects, the provincial science and technology research projects, as well as key development projects in science and technology products, which filled a blank in China, it has won 8 gold prizes both at home and abroad. The products are popular throughout the market, demand exceeding supply, which made outstanding economy and society effect.

        The company is located in the industry zone of Jinhua economic development zone, with its huge floor area which is about 20,000 square meters and 16,000 square meters of building area. The capital of the company is about 50 million RMB. Now the company has more than 150 employees, 9 of which are technicians, which leads to a strong power of products research and development. 

        The company's perfect production and processing conditions not only can transfer a variety of research products into products, but also guarantee the quality of the product effectively, which make a variety of products produced by our company are in line with the relevant national standards scientifically and reasonably. 

        The company has a sound management system and the overall quality management system, which made a effective and satisfactory after-sales service system. 

        The products are divided into 12 major series: 908 series, 909 series, 911 series, 912 series, 913 series, etc. For more than a decade, the products sells good all over the country, which has been chosen nearly over 3000 packaging and printing factories and is popular to most of the customers. 

        Our company is the member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Packaging Technology Association, which has been in a row named credibility class AAA enterprises for three years, a row named Jinhua advanced enterprises for five years consecutively, which means this company looks upon the contract and honest. In 2005 it has been regarded as key industrial enterprises of Jinhua. In July 2005, ND-911 fast dry starch was evaluated as high-tech products by Jinhua Science and Technology Bureau. Our company was chosen as one of "Top 10 Enterprises of technological innovation" and "Top 10 enterprises of integrity services" in the activity of the second "Top 10 China Packaging News" made by the China Packaging Newspaper and China Packaging Network. The Products are regarded as trustworthy quality products.

        General manager Liu Yicai welcomes you to negotiate the investment, technology transfer and marketing.



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